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The most detailed book I've seen on the wartime Canol Project. It is available from Bjarne Tokerud, 885 Dunsmuir Rd. #214, Victoria, BC, V9A 6W6, Canada, tel/fax: (250) 381-2280, e-mail:, website:

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Historical synopsis with two black and white photographs.

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Many color photographs and maps.

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Film made by Carl Allensworth, Russell Arms, and Richard Finnie.

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Magazine article on the Canol project, with photographs.

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Currently sold new by Barnes & Noble,, and It may also be available used from several sources which may be found through Bookfinder or Advanced Book Exchange. Includes photographs from Richard Finnie's book The Canol Project.

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Includes information on the Canol project, among other aspects of World War II in Northern Canada and Alaska. Available new at

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Large book with many photographs and two maps, published at the time of the project itself. Accompanies the film mentioned above.

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Scenery for Flight Simulator 2002, including the Canol Heritage Trail. May be downloaded at

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Article based on the author's hike along the Canol trail that formed the basis of his 1990 book, listed below.

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Although now more than ten years out of date, Sandy Gage's book is the most comprehensive work on the Canol Heritage Trail, covering both the history of the Canol Project and the trail itself. Well written and full of interesting information. You can order the book from Mosaic Press, PO Box 1032, Oakville, ON, L6J 5E9, Canada, tel/fax: (905) 825-2130. Currently, no one sells this book new online, but it is also available used from several sources which may be found through Bookfinder or Advanced Book Exchange.

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This small book provides mile-by-mile trail information, accurate as of August 1993. The book is available free from the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development, Government of the NWT, Box 10, Norman Wells, NT, X0E 0V0, tel: (867) 587-2437, fax: (867) 587-2044.

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This book is a collection of papers presented at a conference on the Canol and Alaska Highway projects. Available new from

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A very good article on the trail, probably one of the two best (the other being Larry Pynn's) of those geared for backpackers.

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Article with few details of use to hikers or bikers; the author only flew to part of the trail by helicopter.

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The only novel I know of dealing with the Canol pipeline, it is based on the author's personal experiences working on the project. It may be ordered from Pathfinder Publications, 36 Dieppe Dr., Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 3A9, Canada, or at their website:

The Milepost. Bellevue, WA: Vernon Publishers, 2008.
This annual guide has perhaps the most detailed road information of any guides to Alaska, Yukon Territory, and the Northwest Territories. Although full of advertisements, this book is still generally considered a must if you plan to drive anywhere near the Canol Heritage Trail. If you cannot find it at your online or local bookstore, it may be ordered through Vernon Publishers, 3000 Northrup Way Suite 200, Bellevue, WA, 98009, tel:(800) 726-4707,

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Very detailed article on backpacking the trail. Along with the Backpacker article by Steve Howe, presents the most useful information for hikers. Several very good photographs, too.

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Personal account of soldier's experiences in Northern Canada, including on the Canol project. Available new from Larry Kaniut and

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Article featuring interviews with workers on the Canol project.

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Long article on author's trip to the Oldsquaw Lodge, focusing primarily on the birdwatching opportunities.

Trailside: Make Your Own Adventure. "Exploring the Northwest Territory (sic)."
Episode #508 of this public television program, which is from the 1997-98 season, featured approximately fifteen minutes on the Canol Heritage Trail. The part of the trail shown, however, only includes the section from Norman Wells to Dodo Canyon. No footage of the Twitya River or southern portions of the trail. Also, for some reason includes a side trip to Carcajou Falls. A video of the program may be ordered from Trailside, tel: (800) 872-4574, website: